"To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." Isaiah 61:3

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas..... But Not THIS White!

Hello. I'm Sam. I finally decided to do a guest blog for my mom. Well, in either October or November, my dad and my grandpa decided to purchase a bobcat. So they were wishing for snow. Well, they got their wish, and about 10 times over at that! Most houses in Minot are snowed in, the snowbanks in our backyard almost reached the top of our fence (It's a reletively tall fence), and the sky is still dumping out cold in powder form! My dad says "SNOW TRAVEL ADVISED!!!" It's been snowing since the 23rd. This snow is probably going to prevent me from seeing my best friend/cousin today. He's in Minot until the 2nd or 4th of Jan. So this is bad for me. Thanks DAD!!! <-- Sarcasm. Well, if you're in Florida, Equador, or any place with heat, don't come here. You'll be found in a block of ice the next day. Well, my mom is probably going to put pictures now, so, bye!


  1. Great guest blog!!! We'd love to take some of that snow off your hands! Kevin looks a little icy!!

  2. Nice job on the guest post!! At least you have a bobcat to use! My husband was using our old rundown snow blower last night and he tried to free the frozen slushy snow from the turning mechanism and ended up breaking his finger! He spent Christmas night in the E.R.!!

  3. Karla...wish we could ship it to you! Hope you all had a great time this Christmas!

    Lynda, Oh, that is too bad about your husband and having to spend Christmas in the ER. What a bummer. By the way, we LOVE the socks!

  4. Merry Christmas!! I have been without internet off and on all month so I've been catching up since our son came home for the holidays.

    So glad for the snow for your working snowmen!! And it was great catching up with you and the family for your awesome christmas! You are blessed so much Paula!

    I saw a video posted on the weather channel today of Minot ND! Some guy jumped off his 2nd floor balcony into neck deep snow! That wasn't Kevin was it? ;)

    Well, just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year!!!

  5. JoEllen...you are too funny. You are right, that would be Kevin! But he's too old to be doing stuff like that now. All the roads are blocked yet as the snow plows have not gone through, so the SnowMen are doing all the neighbors driveways. Their other accounts will have to wait until later. They certainly got their wish for snow. Now, I am a snow widow...LOL

    Thanks for following and commenting on the blog!