"To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." Isaiah 61:3

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dressin' up my Baby Doll :)

I am having so much fun dressing up our little "Bella-donna"!

This little sailor outfit is one of her cousin's hand-me-downs! Oh, and if you haven't seen these cute Russian-inspired clothes from Baby Gap, take a peek...


Yikes, I think I may have to place an order. Hey, some of the items are on sale. Ooooh, this is too fun! Really, I will use some restraint. Honest, I will....

Grinning, Paula


  1. How fun!!! Little girls are so fun to dress up!!! (Until they decide that they are tomboys!!)

    Bella gets cuter and cuter all the time!

  2. SO ADORABLE! I posted about those Gap clothes a week or so ago, and I am so tempted, too, now that they are on sale. That little matroshka shirt is calling to me! But I better wait until I know my girls' sizes. I might have to place my order from Ukraine!

  3. Love the photos!! The hat is just too cute! I looked at the site and love the pink pokadot tights with flowers at the bottom and all the shirts with the flowers! Too cute! Which one does Bella like??? Little girls are so much fun to dress up.

  4. ACK! Is she the poster child for international DS adoption or what? What a little doll!

    And I LOVE the outfit!

  5. soooo cute! that hat looks like a Mario Brothers hat. I love it!

  6. Thanks Friends! She really is a little dolly--I am having so much fun with her. She really likes changing clothes 100 times a day. Good activity, right? Good for ot skills! LOL

    Molly, my son Sam said the same thing when he got home from school, "Why is she wearing a Mario hat?" Ha ha.... Love, Paula

  7. Oh, my goodness! Those are adorable pictures! She looks like she loves to have her picture taken! I looked at the Gap clothes -- they are sooooooo cute -- what good timing on Gap's part!! :-)

  8. thats why i want a girl so badly =)

    bella looks beautiful as always, truly a princess